Hailing from Boston, the dynamic duo known as SPF 5000, are vocalist/
songwriter Amy Douglas and producer Rob Phillips. Inspired by triple threat
juggernauts such as Chic, The Eurythmics and The Neptunes, SPF 5000 is an all-encompassing powerhouse of production, songwriting and incredible
musicianship. With a unique brand of scuzzy dance pop that borrows from NYC/
Bronx Freestyle, Dirty House, Disco, Electro and Hip Hop, SPF 5000 is raising the
bar for electronic music. Whether churning out funky hit songs, spitting out
collaborations with other artists, polishing remixes or composing DJ mixes, SPF
5000 are poised to take the world of EDM by storm.

Having cut her teeth in NYC’s infamous downtown scene, and armed with a 5
octave range and tons of attitude, vocalist extraordinaire Amy Douglas has been
lighting up dance floors, lending her voice to Trouble and Bass artist Supra 1’s
“Still Believe”, AC Slater’s Rave Super-group 92 Eternal to “Miracle Mile” by the
Annex Project for KULT Records. The new “diva in demand” is currently working
on projects with artists ranging from Top Billin’s Sharkslayer, Alan Astor of
Punches, Torro Torro of T+A records and a soon to be released acid house
odyssey with The Juan Mac Clean. In addition to being one half of SPF 5000 she
is also the face and voice of Discokaina, a greasy Latino-Disco project produced
in Bogota, Colombia.

It could be said that producer Rob Phillips was born to produce funky dance
music, what with his involvement in it for the better part of his life as a regular
attendee of all things EDM. A funky bassmeister behind the decks, and thumping
on a Fender Jazz Bass, Rob took his inspiration from the big dance floors of New
York City to the recording booth, inspired by master DJ/producers such as Mark
Farina, BT, and Sebastian Leger. A stint at the Berklee School of Music’s Music
Synthesis department fueled him to set his special brand of funky dirty house
upon the world.


Sean Roberts- Juggernaut Mgmt


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