Ben Gray is The MAN.

We’ve had the privilege of bumping elbows with Ben Gray from the Weekly Dig on a few occasions.  All I can say is that he is not a mere mortal like you or I. His epic words penetrate the darkness of the world of journalism, illuminating it with his delectable metaphors.

Thanks Ben!

Read the piece here – – or check out the quote below:


Posted on May 30, 2011 by BEN GRAY Email

The man arrives at the village in an old shabby cloak and begins putting up flyers. The children are afraid, and the adults are wary. The aldermen eye him as he walks down the narrow streets, wondering what vice this traveler might be bringing to their peaceful, quiet little hamlet. But he obeys all the laws, and argues with no one, and no one is willing to send him on his way. At least not without quite a lot of drink, and no one is willing to show their drunkenness at this early hour.

Night falls. The line at the man’s tent is filled with the village’s youths. Visibly anxious, uncertain what it is that they will see, except that it will be something that they cannot see in their simple futures as shoe cobblers and farmers. Finally the tent opens, and one by one they pay the man and sit down inside, shifting uncomfortably with their own audacity.

The man appears. He wears a tight outfit in garish red, blue, green, and gold, unlike any of the youths have seen before – and he sports a perfectly groomed mustache and beard, waxed in place like an aristocrats. Then he takes out an instrument the likes of which none of the youths have seen before. They awoke the next morning with little memory of what happened next. But their sore legs and aching eyes suggest that they had been moving. And a few may have picked up a lingering scent of perfume.

But if they did, they put it out of their minds and went back to work.


When we first reported on the existence of SPF 5000 a few months ago, we promised you that you would hear of them again. And guess what. You’re hearing of them again. Right now.

SPF 5000 has just dropped their White Hot Fantasy EP, which if you remember, is an awesomelaser-chainsaw-filled song about wanting people, wanting them to want you, and suggesting that you could be their white hot fantasy. If you don’t remember, scroll down a little bit and jog the awesome part of your memory.

The remixes seem like they’re collected with the idea of reminding everyone just how varied the dance music is in this world. One one end of the spectrum you have the electro-housey Team Jaguar remix, complete with analog bass booming and glitched-out vocal samples, on the other end you have the Burial-esque post-dub psychedeli-o-rama that is Boody B, and somewhere not-really-logically-on-this-spectrum-at-all, you have Nycpartyinfo (featuring LOUISAHHH!!!), whose remix sounds (I swear to God) like The Thrill Kill Kult circa 1991 — right down to the faux-piano chords. Anything that sounds like an album called Sexplosion! is just fine with me.

Keep your ears peeled — there are even more SPF goodies to look forward to in the coming months (We know this. Don’t ask us how we know, but there MIGHT just be some Parliament-inspired dance tunes slipping into your life very soon).



About spf5000

SPF 5000 are two subversives who live for Bronx Freestyle, French Electro, NYC and Italo Disco, dirty House, and the number 25
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