SPF is the Memorial Day Weekend Jam in the Boston Phoenix! Whoa.

Anybody who lives in the Metro Boston area knows the The Boston Phoenix is one of the major voices for the local music scene. So we were not only excited, but frankly floored when Michael Marotta named “White Hot Fantasy” as his Memorial Day Weekend Jam.

Beyond thanks Michael!

Check out the piece here – http://thephoenix.com/BLOGS/onthedownload/archive/2011/05/27/memorial-day-weekend-jam-spf-5000-quot-white-hot-fantasy-quot.aspx –  read the quotes below:

[memorial day weekend jam] SPF 5000 “White Hot Fantasy”

So you’re sitting at your desk, looking at the clock. Not even noon. More than five hours before you can ghost-town that drab-ass fluorescent-bulb office, breaking out through the front doors of doom like some pale-faced Boo Radley motherfucker finally allowed to see the light of a beautiful summer day. Shit is staring you in the face — THREE DAY WEEKEND. It’s calling out to you — the BBQs, the patios, the fruity cocktails, the shoulder straps, the bro-sandals, the jorts, the backwards Sox cap, the puppy water bowls, the bug-eye sunglasses, the endless empty bottles of delicious sweet Twisted Tea (well, for some of you)…

But before Memorial Day Weekend french kisses you hard and fast like that older, Bacardi-swigging camp counselor back when you were 13, you need to find some white-hott shit to bump in the car (drop-top down, playa!) as you roll down Commonwealth Avenue, Massachusettes Avenue, and all the other avenues that lead somewhere that isn’t your workplace.

We found it for you. Vocalist Amy Douglass and producer Rob Phillips have come together as SPF 5000 (no relation for former local heroes SPF Alot), a Boston/New York electro/freestyle duo that could make even a crippled man stand up and dance, and today dropped new single “White Hot Fantasy” on iTunes, Beatport, Jono and Amazon. The package also features remixes by DJ Sega, Dances With White Girls, Palms Out Sounds, and others, but we’re feeling the oridge. Peep this.

Read more: http://thephoenix.com/BLOGS/onthedownload/archive/2011/05/27/memorial-day-weekend-jam-spf-5000-quot-white-hot-fantasy-quot.aspx#ixzz1Nwo2tBZd


About spf5000

SPF 5000 are two subversives who live for Bronx Freestyle, French Electro, NYC and Italo Disco, dirty House, and the number 25
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