Jasper from Nerdy Frames, you rock!

Jasper over at Nerdy Frames has a habit of posting shit on his Facebook page that we LOVE here at SPF. The man has some of the best taste in EDM, hands down. So we were thrilled that he posted (AGAIN!) about us!

Read the post here – http://www.nerdy-frames.org/2011/05/spf-5000-debut-on-top-billin-may-27th.html – or check the quote below:

SPF 5000 Debut on Top Billin May 27th

“Our good friend and wonderful chanteuse Amy Douglas is back with her rather dance-y new project SPF 5000 with Rob Phillips on the production helm, these 2 will be rocking it out to the year 5000” -Nerdy Frames

So fire that we melt here. Drawing influences from 80′s electro and dirty house music, this is exactly what we need for summer. Meet SPF 5000 now.

“Hailing from Boston, the dynamic duo known as SPF 5000, are vocalist/songwriter Amy Douglas and producer Rob Phillips. With a unique brand of scuzzy dance pop that borrows from NYC/Bronx Freestyle, Dirty House, Disco, Electro and Hip Hop, SPF 5000 are killing it with their classic sounds. Whether churning out funky hit songs, spitting out collaborations with other artists, polishing remixes or composing DJ mixes, they’re are poised to take the world of EDM by storm.”.


About spf5000

SPF 5000 are two subversives who live for Bronx Freestyle, French Electro, NYC and Italo Disco, dirty House, and the number 25
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