One of our fabulous remixers gives SPF some love on Palms Out Sounds!

The infamous Boody B from Palms Out Sounds turned in one of the eeriest and darkest remixes of our single “White Hot Fantasy.” We were psyched to have his production skills added to our EP and now we are psyched AGAIN to have him post about the remix on his blog!

Check out the post here – – or check out the quotes below:

SPF 5000 – White Hot Fantasy (Boody B Remix)

By Haldan • May 20, 2011 • Mp3

I don’t tend to post very much of my own material, but I have a remix coming out May 27th on Top Billin for the ever glowing duo of Amy Douglas and Rob Phillips, known as SPF 5000. I was happy to be able to contribute my slinky bashment tranny duet meets throwback new york garage remix. In addition to my mix, the release is stacked with remixes by the likes of DJ Sega, Dances With White Girls, NYCPARTYINFO, and Cobra Krames. Grab that May 27th!


About spf5000

SPF 5000 are two subversives who live for Bronx Freestyle, French Electro, NYC and Italo Disco, dirty House, and the number 25
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